Dental Implant Systems

Dental implants are a highly successful option to replace missing teeth, but there are very important differences in some dental implant systems.

At Rogue Valley OMS we only place dental implants from manufacturers that have proven success as demonstrated by non-biased university based studies. More importantly, these companies have existed for decades and your dentist will be able to obtain parts if any issues ever arise. If you move, dentists worldwide will be familiar with these implant systems. I encourage you to view the link of the implant manufacturers that we have partnered with.

If you chose to have your implant treatment elsewhere, I encourage you to find out the implant manufacturer the doctor uses and do at least some minimal research to verify that they come from a reputable source.

Dr. Doherty evaluates dental implant systems on a routine basis. Currently, Zimmer Biomet implants are being placed at Rogue Valley OMS. Not only does our practice provide a warranty for your implants, but Zimmer Biomet is the only company that warranties your implant for life.