Fat Transfer

Facial Fat Grafting

Fat transfer, also called lipoinjection or fat grafting, is a method of soft tissue augmentation that has been used for many years. Fat transfer works like other wrinkle fillers, but it uses your own fat cells as a filler to correct grooves and wrinkles on your face. Because your own fat cells are used, you can’t have an allergic reaction to the injections.

Dr. Doherty performs fat grafting for patients who want a natural way to achieve long-lasting correction to signs of facial aging.

What Can Fat Transfer Treat?

As we age, we lose fat deposits under our skin. Fat transfer can help correct signs of facial aging that are associated with this loss of fat.

In fat transfer, Dr. Doherty focuses on increasing volume, softening lines, filling in deep wrinkles or creases, and contouring certain areas. A plump, full face is a characteristic of youth. Using fat transfer to reverse age-related facial fat loss is one way to restore that fullness.

Dr. Doherty can use fat transfer to treat:

  • Sunken, hollow cheeks
  • Hollows around the eyes
  • Deep grooves or furrows on the face

How Is Fat Transfer Performed at Rogue Valley OMS?

In clinical terms, the fat transfer procedure is called “lipoinjection with autologous fat.” This means that the injected fat is obtained from your own body.
Fat transfer is a two-stage procedure. First, fatty tissue is harvested with a syringe or thin tube (called a microcannula) from an area of your body with dense fat cells. After the fat is collected, it will be purified. Then you are ready for the second part of the procedure, which is the reinjection. Dr. Doherty injects small droplets of fat into areas where your face needs more volume.

Dr. Doherty can collect enough fat cells for fat transfer without making a noticeable impact on the part of your body where fat is collected. The fat can be quickly purified and reinjected, or it can be collected and stored for later use. Dr. Doherty can collect all the fat at one time, even if he plans to perform several injection sessions.

After Your Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat transfer is not permanent. However, the results can last for years—which is longer than the results of any manufactured dermal filler that is currently available.

Fat injection is a more intricate process than injection of other dermal fillers, since it requires extraction of fat and special knowledge about how your body will reabsorb the fat. Your body will likely break down and clear away some of the injected fat.

You may experience some swelling and bruising after the procedure. When done correctly, fat transfer can bring about pleasing, natural looking results that noticeably improve your appearance.